Summer Homework

First of all, I’d like to apologise for not posting in a while as I had loads of work and then just didn’t get round to posting again.

I’d like to end my hibernation from this blog by having a little rant about giving homework in the summer holidays.

So there I was, enjoying the summer sun with my friends. Everything was good and I was having fun. But then I remembered the stacks of work my teachers had left me to endure over the summer. The 3 History essays, the 4 art double pages, the DT powerpoint and believe me, there’s more.

I totally understand that I’ve got exams next year and everyone has to work hard, but summer holidays are meant to be enjoyed so they should slow down with the quantity of work given and understand that we are CHILDREN and that we should not feel so stressed about the work given that we need to feel like we should to do more work during the summer than having fun and making memories.

Anyway sorry about that I hope you guys are having a great summer and that you don’t have too much work to do.

Love from Anna x


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