So I’ve been so busy this week and couldn’t think of everything to write about so I’ve decided to just write what small cool things have happened to me this week.


Number One

My younger brother (called Isaac) turned 10 years old on Sunday, it was a lovely day. I bought him an egg cup that is in the shape of an army tank, John Cena pyjamas (don’t ask) and this height measurer that tells you what you’re as tall as from this website.


Fun Fact: It turns out that I’m the minimum height you can be for a NASA astronaut.

another Fun Fact : Lady Gaga is 168cm WITH 6inch heels on.


IMG_4180 (1).jpg


It was weird seeing my brother turn 10, as I remember turning 10 so clearly myself. It made me realise how fast time goes by without you realising it.

Also for my brother’s birthday I made the most amazing chocolate brownies (if I do say so myself), which I forgot to take photos of (sorry) but I’ll be making some more soon so I’ll probably do a recipe post with them. But I do have a selfie of me holding one, where I look like I’m crying?



Number Two

One of my friends got full marks in her Science ISA!



Number Three

I was disappointed with Rihanna’s new album, Anti, I’ve been a fan of her in the past but I found this album quite plain with there not having much to it.

Like you know when you listen to a song and when you next listen to it, it’s as if you’ve never even heard it? It’s like that for me.

I expected more, especially when she spent 3 years making it. Hopefully it’ll grow on me.

But I do quite like Zayn Malik’s new song, it’s nothing special but something about it has gotten me to listen to it on loop.

rihanna-anti.jpg       zayn-malik-pillow-talk-single-art_iua2jz-3.jpg


Number Four

I also really want to go shopping but I have no money, I LOVE fashion so much so maybe when I next get some money I’ll do a blog post about what I got. Or do a blog post about what other people have worn that I like. I’m really liking oversized jumpers at the moment.

IMG_4191 (1).jpg        Unknown-34.jpeg


Number Five

This year I really want to start taking more photos, I think i’m going to ask for a camera for my birthday even though it’s ages away. (just under 7 months till I’m 16 ah!)


Number Six

I also love reading magazines, for my birthday I got a monthly subscription to marie claire and I’m loving it so far. I really recommend getting them. Here are photos of a few of my magazines.

IMG_4188 (3).jpg

IMG_4189 (2).jpg


Number Seven

I didn’t finish my Art homework BUT then my teacher wasn’t in YAS.




Number Eight

I got new glasses! Finally I can see properly.



Sorry for this mess of a blog post, please comment below any suggestions of what I should blog about. Hope you have a great weekend!


Love from Anna x


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