Tips for completing your New Years Resolutions

Most of us will have given ourselves goals of achieving a certain something by the end of the year, even when we are all faced with the statistic that 80% of new years resolutions fail. Yet we still set ourselves them anyway?

I have some tips that may help you achieve your big goals for 2016.


Write down your resolutions and HOW you are going to reach them. This will make it clearer of what you have to do.


Baby Steps

Break your goal down into miniature goals so they aren’t too overwhelming or stressful. For example if your goal is to read at least 10 books over the space of a year, you could challenge yourself to read a book a month or even break it down to a chapter a night.


Journal and Reevaluate

Keep a journal saying what isn’t going well.  What isn’t working? Fix that. Do this every month.



This is normally my downfall, I have one bad day and I suddenly think I’ve failed my resolution. Get back to it straight away and don’t beat yourself up about it.



On the last day of every month give yourself a treat. Whether that is a cheeky galaxy bar, buying yourself something you normally wouldn’t, a book or even a day off. Something you are really craving or want.



Good luck for keeping your resolutions and I hope you have a great new year!

Comment below any other tips for keeping resolutions.


Love from Anna x



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