My Goals for 2016


As we all know 99.999% of new resolutions fail, and even though I’m not one for really keeping new years resolutions (if you have read my most recent blog post you would know), but this year I thought differently.

I am listing things that I want to achieve in 2016, and hope writing it in a blog post will make me more likely to complete them. At least I hope that will be the case! I’m aware  that I won’t complete achieve all of these, but a girl can dream. So here are my new years resolutions, hope you enjoy!


School/Academic Goals

Number 1 – do well in school/work hard

So I’m in my first year of GCSEs and I really want to achieve the best I can in my exams so i can have more options of what careers I can go into/jobs I can get.


In 2015 I have procrastinated so much, I’ve even started to procrastinate when there are actually things i want to do?  I’m going to try to do this less so i have more time to do things i enjoy.

Number 3 – read more

So in 2015 i read the grand total of 4 books, which is pretty pathetic. I aim to read at least 10 books by the end of 2016. (Please comment below any book recomendations).



Number 5 – sleep more

I always go to bed at stupid times (while i’m writing this it is currently 1:44am). This will also improve how much I can get done in a day and will make my daily life more enjoyable.

Number 6 – a healthier lifestyle

I eat way too much junk food, and i need to stop snacking whenever i’m bored, stressed or tired. I will also be doing workouts at least twice a week (even if they’re only 5 minutes long). Eating healthy and doing excersise will may make me feel better about myself and make me more energetic, meaning I’m more likely to complete my other New Years Resolutions. I will still have the occasional Twix bar or pizza but I’m going to cut down the crappy food ALOT.

Other Goals

Number 1 – spend less time on social media

Whether it is Twitter, Instagram or Youtube, I am spending too much time on social media that i end up spending full days where i should be doing work pointlessly scrolling through my twitter timeline. My goal in 2016 is to go on social media for 20 minutes maximum on weekdays and an hour on weekends (after I’ve completed what my goals for the days are).

Number 2 – Spend more time with family and friends

This year i haven’t spent enough time with my family and friends, mainly due to me being so stressed, not particularly happy, SO much school work and wasting my time on social media. This year i would love to strengthen friendships and make some amazing memories.


Number 3 – Make this blog something great

I’ve only had this blog for over a week, but I’m really enjoying it so far and would love to carry it on through 2016 and hopefully longer. I’m also very thankful for all the views/likes/followers/comments i’ve gotten so far even though it’s not much, it means a lot.

I’ll write another blog post in June, saying how I’ve gotten on.

So that’s it! I hope 2016 is a great year for you and feel free to comment any tips for keeping my resolutions or any resolutions of your own.


Love from Anna x





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