6 new years resolutions that we won’t achieve in 2016

I’m sure over the years you have made many new years resolutions that you have convinced yourself you’ll keep when in reality… it barely lasts through January. I will be listing 6 new years resolutions that we won’t achieve in 2016.

Number 1: Get fit– most likely you’ll end up attempting to go on a run for the first 6 days and spend the rest of the year saying ‘tomorrow’.


Number 2: I won’t leave things till the night before – HA! Good one!


Number 3: I will keep my room/house tidy – maybe for the first month but by the 15th of January you won’t be able to see the floor once again and will use the excuse ‘organised mess’.


Number 4: Spend less time on social media – but who doesn’t want to be updated on Taylor Swift’s daily whereabouts?



Number 5: Learn something new- I would attempt to keep this but I spend the year not completing my other new years resolutions so I simply do not have time.


Number 6: Lose Weight – this comes hand in hand with keeping fit, but I ending up eating salads and doing our lunges for the first week and the remaining 358 days will be my ‘cheat days’ and will eat more than I have ever done before.


Anyway! Good luck for your new years resolutions (you can comment them if you’d like) and i hope you manage to keep them.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you have a great one.


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