Christmas & Brill: A track-by-track review of Ariana Grande’s latest EP

Ariana Grande released her 2nd Christmas EP called Christmas & Chill just in time for the holidays and to say the least we have completely lost our chill! This is my track-by-track review of the festive EP.



This is a great opening, it a minute long eerie song welcoming you to the album which also features Miss Grande’s angelic vocals.


Wit it this Christmas

This song is definitely not one to be played at an annual Christmas family gathering. In this number Ariana Grande takes on her sexier side with lyrics “the only drum that you gonna play”.



December is my personal favourite. December follows the sexy baby making theme of ‘Wit it this Christmas’ and it really shows off her glorious voice. The only way to improve it would be to make it at least a minute longer as it is only 1:56.


Not Just on Christmas

This song reminds me of an olden day romantic movie, and is one of ariana’s more family appropriate songs on the album. It is also one of the more Christmassy ones, so perfect for a cosy night in with the family.


True Love

This is a cute love song, which will most definitely make you wish you had someone to share the Christmas holidays with. This really shows off her new sound by combining elements of Christmas music with R&B.


Winter Things

Winter Things is a very Meghan Trainor-like feel good song. It is about it being sunny all year where she is from, and has a similar theme to Grande’s 2013 release ‘Snow in California’.


Christmas & Chill is now available on ITunes.

Write your opinion of the EP in the comments below.


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